Cross Country Disabled Transportation

Long Distance Disabled Transportation Services

Long Distance Disabled TransportationIf you are seeking long distance disabled transportation services, or are searching for assistance in the relocation of a disabled loved one, ERMT is the right choice. ERMT specializes in providing nationwide long distance disabled transportation services.

Disabled  patients who may have Alzheimer’s, dementia, paralysis or a variety of other conditions that make travel difficult for the patients relocation, “ERMT” has made travel easy and comfortable.

“Eastern Royal Medical Transport” makes long distance transportation, run smoothly for the traveler from bed to bed

Transporting the disabled individual may be for some type of medical needs. They may wish to be closer to loved ones. They may choose to live in a different patient care facility.  As a disabled person you may have a variety of reasons to relocate. “ERMT” wants to make that travel more comfortable. We are experts in long distance non-emergency disabled transportation. We have many years of experience providing transportation for the disabled individuals.

If you are seeking Transportation for the disabled traveling 200, or more miles “ERMT” has an excellent track record for transporting patients with great success to their chosen destination inside the continental US.

Our staff is medically trained in transporting disabled people, and has the most intensive training in disabled medical needs. Performing disabled transportation services is a very unique specialty.

Transportation for disabled people is made smooth and worries free. “ERMT” has made disability transportation our specialty.

We offer a bed to bed service and great customer service from the beginning of the booking until the end of transportation services. Working with transporting the disabled traveler, is what Eastern Royal Medical Transport does better than the other transport options.  We take great pride in our company.

Our gurneys are equipped with the most comfortable padding that is given afterwards for the patient to keep if they would like, provided free of charge. We at “ERMT”   go to great lengths to makes a disabled Transportation one of comfort and relaxation. Transportation for the disabled requires great care that ERMT does better than anyone else in the field.

While transporting the disabled, part of the transportation process is providing the Transported patient with meals, drinks, medication all that is needed as well as oxygen. All of this is included in the price. During transport we accommodate the transported with any needed assistance in changes, clean ups or medications.

During transportation services the disabled traveler  enjoys Entertainment with a state of the art system onboard that the they can watch Net Flix , movies, surf the web, or email.

A phone onboard is available if the patient wants to use it to talk with loved ones. Our system also allows us to monitor locations, and get weather updates.

In Transporting your patient, or family member, with a disability “ERMT” is cost effective as well.

Our vans are more comfortable than air transport for most. They create a lot less stress for the disabled party, and the friendly staff will interact to keep them feeling safe and secure.

ERMT provides a nation-wide service for transporting the Patient long distances.

Our vans can provide disability transport anywhere is the Continental US.

Contact our Representative at 1-800-696-1495 24 hr. a day service.

We will give you a quote within same day.

A form is also provided to have your quote delivered via email.

With disability transport you have many choices. We offer an affordable and comfortable way to travel.

We offer references, and want your continued business so we want to become your first choice in disabled long distance transport. Transporting your disabled family member or Patient is extremely important to us. We have great respect for our customers. Their safe delivery is of utmost importance to “Eastern Royal Medical Transport” and all of its employees.

Their transportation made as easy as possible and comfortable with “Eastern Royal Medical Transportation” it is our Business Moto and personal goal.