Long Distance Patient Transport Services

Long Distance Patient Transportation Services

We provide a “bed to bed” service. This means that the patient is carefully transferred from their bed at the pick-up location onto our specially padded transport stretchers. After the patient is safely on the transport stretcher, the stretcher is brought into our non-emergency long distance patient transport vehicle.

While in transit our medical transport team assists the patient with the patient’s doctor prescribed medications and oxygen. Meal preferences can be arranged ahead of time with our long distance patient transportation service coordinators.

We are very understanding if family members or loved ones wish to accompany the patient on the long distance transport. That is why we allow free of charge an additional rider to sit comfortably along side the patient during  transit. 

Non-Emergency Patient Transport Vehicles

We utilize specially built ground transportation vehicles which are out-fitted for non-emergency long distance patient transportation services. Our transport vehicles are customized specifically for patient safety and comfort.

During the transportation of the patient, the transport stretcher is securely locked into place. The patient transport stretcher is capable of repositioning at the head and feet to support each individual patient’s comfort needs..

Our patient transport vehicles provide free unlimited internet access via WiFi. All patient transport vehicles are equipped with GPS navigation systems. This advanced technology gives our medical staff easy access to weather updates, traffic updates, and locations of emergency centers located along the route.

We strive to cover all of the patient’s long distance medical transportation needs. Often a patient may need to transport a few personal items with them. To accommodate these additional transportation needs of the patient, we built our patient transport vehicles with  enough space to carry the patient’s important medical equipment such as a wheelchair and walker.

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