Long Distance Medical Transport Services

We Serve the Elderly, Handicapped, and those otherwise Disabled

We provide the nation’s elderly and disabled population with safe and affordable long distance non-emergency medical transportation services. Our transportation services are intended to reach a broad spectrum of elderly and disabled patients. A typical long distance medical transport candidate can range anywhere from an ambulatory patient to those who are confined to a bed or are wheelchair bound patients. These patients often have any number of non-emergency conditions. Generally we can provide medical transportation services to most stable patients that do not require invasive medical procedures to be performed during transport.

Our Medical Transport Team

Our medical personnel are utilized for their medical education and experience in handling a wide variety of the potential patient conditions. Although our medical personnel have emergency medical backgrounds the vehicles are not equipped for emergency medical services. The medical personnel’s knowledge and skills are primarily used to ensure safety and comfort of patients during transport.

All personnel undergo extensive training in the operation of our stretchers and their driving records are thoroughly checked to ensure the quality and safety of your transportation.

Medical Transportation Services

State of the art stretchers layered with a free egg crate for comfort.

Long Distance Medical Transport Stretcher
Long Distance Medical Transport Stretcher

Whether the patient is confined to a wheelchair or bed bound, stretcher transportation is the preferred method for long distance or cross country medical transportation. Our stretchers exceed medical transport industry standards and are capable of conforming to a patient’s comfort needs.  Our transport stretchers adjust both at the patient’s feet and head.  This flexibility empowers our transport teams with the ability to find the position that best suits every patient’s unique needs.  To top it off we place a new layer of egg crate on the stretcher’s mattress which is yours to keep free of charge.

Modern Medical Transportation- New Model GPS Guided Vehicles with Wireless Internet Access

All vehicles are no older than 2010. A comprehensive maintenance program is used for each vehicle to ensure safe and dependable operation. Our vehicles are environmentally friendly and are some of the most fuel efficient vehicles in operation in the whole of the medical transportation industry. This allows Eastern Royal Medical Transport, LLC to offer lower transportation costs to you.

On board, our personnel utilize GPS with live traffic updates to receive accurate directions to both the pickup and drop off locations. Internet access allows our medical transport personnel to access any important information such as live weather updates. Patients may view a DVD upon request for their entertainment needs.

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