Long Distance Ambulance Services

Use ERMT over an ambulance service

If you need non-emergency long distance medical transport then we are a much better choice than an ambulance service. Ambulance companies are charging you high costs for services that you do not need.

We are a better choice as well because our entire service is built around long distance and non-emergency conditions. We specialize to fit your needs.

Our vehicles are specially customized to support all of your medical, safety, and comfort needs.

We can support and continue oxygen for person’s with oxygen dependent conditions. We service persons who are incontinent by changing diapers or using a bed pan.

All transport vehicles are wired for convenient use of electronic equipment and internet access. Each transport vehicle has a GPS system that gives our medical personnel the latest weather and traffic updates. We can locate with ease any emergency facilities along the route through our navigation system.

We use new model dodge caravans converted and outfitted for medical transportation. The transport is very smooth in comparison to traveling via ambulance. Inside an ambulance you feel all the bumps in the road but with our customized transport vehicles that concern is alleviated.

Ambulance services are not long distance specialists

We are focused on a commitment to long distance non-emergency medical transport.  Our focus is apparent from the way we have tailored our service to meet exactly what you need.  We don’t offer you more than you need. That way we keep the costs to receive a medical transport much more affordable for you.

We have a customer service team that is highly experienced in working with different medical facilities. We help you schedule your transport and will communicate with all facilities involved to coordinate the transportation.

We transport to and from:

  • Private Residences
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Cancer Treatment Centers
  • More…