Patient Transportation

Long Distance Patient Transportation Services

Patient transport provided for patients traveling 200 or more miles.

Eastern Royal Medical Transport specializes in long distance ground patient transportation and relocation services. You may have patients who may have Alzheimer’s, dementia, paralyses or a variety of conditions that make travel difficult. “ERMT” has made travel easy and comfortable for the patient. This is a bed to bed service. “ERMT” has developed a system of patient transportation that caters to the patient’s special needs.

The Relocation of a patient may be for some type of medical needs or just to be closer to loved ones. They may choose to live in a different patient care facility.  People have a variety of needs to relocate ERMT wants to make ground travel a better choice than flying. Costing much less and allowing much more freedom for comfort.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to arrange transport for a patient traveling 200, or more miles “ERMT” has an excellent track record for patient transport. “ERMT” can make your patient relocation anywhere inside the continental US. Our staff is medically suited for every  patient’s needs.

We offer a bed to bed service, with great customer service from the beginning of the booking until the end of trip. Working with patient relocation and transporting patients is what “Eastern Royal Medical Transport” does better than the other transport options.

We have great respect for transporting patients and we all take great pride and care in treating patients very well.

Our gurneys are equipped with the most comfortable padding. Padding is given afterwards for the patient to keep if they would like, provided free of charge. We at “ERMT”   go to great lengths to makes the patient transport one of comfort and relaxation.

We provide the patient with meals, drinks,or any medication that is needed. Oxygen is included free of charge as well. All of this is included in the price. If you need assistance in changes, clean ups or medications we will also provide this during  your patient transport.

Making the ride more enjoyable for the patient is done in many ways. We are unique in the fact we provide on board entertainment.

Watch movies, surf the web, or email. A phone on board is available if the patient wants to use it to talk with loved ones. Our system also allows us to monitor locations, weather and anything the Patient Relocating may need to know. Net Flix is available, and a variety of choices are provided for the traveling patient.

Transporting your patient or disabled family member or the elderly with “ERMT” is cost effective as well. Our vans are more comfortable than air travel .

“ERMT” creates a lot less stress for relocating patient travelers. The friendly staff will interact to keep them feeling safe and secure.

“ERMT” provides a nation-wide service for transporting the patient long distances.

Our vans can transport the disabled patient anywhere in the continental US.

Contact our Representative at 1-800-696-1495 24 hr. a day service.

We will give you a quote within 24 hours and provide great customer service from booking to delivery.

A form is also provided to have your quote delivered via email.

We know you have many choices transporting your patient. Patient relocation should be done with the most care. We will help make the process easier for you.

We offer references, and want your continued business. so We want to become your first choice in long distance transport.

Transporting your patient is extremely important to us.

Traveling long distance can be made as easy as possible with “Eastern Royal Medical Transportation”

Please contact us if you require further information.


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