Cross Country Elderly Transport

Long Distance Elderly Transportation Services

Eastern Royal Medical Transport is your first choice for long distance transport and/or relocation of the elderly. We make long distance ground transportation safe and easy for your loved ones and are capable of transporting patients with a variety of illnesses and challenges.

Long Distance Elderly TransportationWe have transported many elderly clients for a variety of reasons in the past. Whether you or your loved one is traveling or relocating for medical issues or just want to be closer to family, we are the right choice. No matter the reason, ERMT is dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible.

Our staff is medically trained and has a breadth of knowledge and experience treating and transporting older patients. With the majority of our clients being seniors, we consider ourselves experts in elderly transport.

We tailor the transport to a variety of patient needs with patient safety and comfort being our top priority. Throughout the trip we provide meals, drinks, prescribed medication and oxygen, as needed. Our staff is trained to provide any assistance necessary including changing or cleaning. Our state-of-the-art ambulances are manufactured with the patient’s comfort and security in mind. The patients are transported on top-of-the-line stretchers with safety equipment and provided personal padding. Our ambulances are equipped with an on-board entertainment system allowing your loved one to enjoy music, movies, internet and email. Telephones are also available for the patient to communicate with family or friends as they wish. We are constantly monitoring our location, weather, traffic and road conditions and provide this information to the family throughout the transport with staff standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most importantly, our staff is warm, friendly and takes pride in making this potentially difficult experience a pleasant one.

Along with being the safest and most comfortable service, we are also the most cost-effective.  Traveling by air can be extremely stressful, unsafe and expensive. We avoid this unnecessary strain by traveling on the ground. Also, our prices are lower than the competition’s. There are no hidden fees and all of the above-mentioned services are included within the initial price.

ERMT travels to and from any location within the continental United States and specializes in long distance transport (greater than 200 miles). If you have any questions regarding our services or would like to book a transport please do not hesitate to contact our representatives at 1-800-696-1495, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide same-day quotes via email, fax or by any preferred means of communication.

“ERMT” is dedicated to becoming your first choice in elderly long distance transport. We hope you will choose our services and allow us to make you or your loved one’s trip the safest and most enjoyable experience possible. So sit back and relax and let ERMT do all the work.